Hiking tours and landscape photography

If we talk about Transylvania, we cannot speak only about the animals living in the wild, or the forest. Transylvania is a region that we need to look at in its entirety and regional knowledge is possible only if we cross the region starting with the villages, across the forests and up to the mountains. Transylvania is history, tradition, culture, scenery and not least is the peculiarity of locals and the overall impression they leave left by the people who live here.

We, the association members are people who admire nature and our main activities are related to projects to protect nature. However, we see it also as a duty to make Transylvania known all over the world, therefore we are working as tourist guides. First of all, it is very important to make known the values of nature, but the picture would not be complete if we did not meet its vivid history, the architectural heritage and the daily life of people.

This is precisely why we try to provide you an experience that reflects entirely the aforesaid. Your tourist guide will lead you into trips over the mountains where the dominant element is the unspoiled nature, the majestic peaks, the beautiful lakes, the pleasantly refreshing paths and naturally the flora and fauna of these mountains. Taking pictures of edelweiss or gentian flower or the prudent pursuit of chamois on the rocky ridges can also be a unique experience. Finally, we can meet transhumance which is common only in Eastern Europe, and for a short period we can be part of everyday life of shepherds. On the way to the mountains, you can see those castles, fortified churches and localities that for a few hours will literally take you back to Transylvania’s historical atmosphere.

We have decided to differ from the conventional programs to offer customized tours for everybody. Thus, we present you – by well-illustrated images - a few potential excursions that will enrich us with new experiences and a memorable photo collection. Each trip has its peculiarities, we advise you to read carefully, and if we can help you in making a decision, we look forward to receiving your questions to develop a program that will best suit you.

Conditions regarding the participation

Before setting out it is worth checking, if you need any visa in Romania, or if there are any other travel conditions (e.g. vaccinations), custom regulations. On the other hand, it is indispensable, and in the absence of which we won’t set out for hiking, to dispose of a sport insurance, which covers the extreme sports, too.

The task of your hiking guide is to take care of your safety, to watch on and to avoid the objective dangers, but since we don’t know you, we can’t be aware of the experiences you dispose of, or if you have any health problems, we can’t guarantee a 100% safety. For that very reason you have to sign a form, according to which you travel on your own responsibility. When you have managed all these, I would like to clear up that you should follow the decisions of your guide in each case, since he knows the area, and according to the prevailing circumstances in the mountains, he can make the best decision for your safety. Just one example to be followed: if somebody wants to turn back, or to shorten the tour, he can’t do it by himself, at least one more person, or in critical situations the whole group will turn back.

Logistics, payable costs on the spot

According to the demands we can assure the transfer from the airport or from the railway station to the mountain. If there is a claim for it, please contact us. Those who travel by their own car, should not forget to pay the compulsory road charges. If in the program there are necessary accommodation places outside the mountains, we consider also our duty to deal with it.

So the list of the costs payable at the place are as follows:

  • Transfers (airport or railway station), as well as access to the places included in the program
  • Accommodation in the mountain or everywhere in the country
  • Boarding and accommodation services, meals at restaurants
  • Entrance passes to national parks, castles, etc.

Attention: in the costs are included the travelling expenses, accommodation and boarding costs of the hiking guide, too!

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